7-Level Python Challenge for Data Analytics

7-Level Python Challenge for Data Analytics

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This guide is a must have resource for anyone seeking a job in business analytics in following industry.
1. Advertising Publisher Platform (Google, Facebook, Pinterest etc)
2. Consumer Brands (Amazon, L'Oreal, Spotify, Uber etc)
3. Agency (WPP, Omnicom Group, IPG, Dentsu etc)
4. Marketing Tools (Shopify, Salesforce, Tableau, Looker etc)


    1. Get started: How to set up your Python environment
    2. Warmup: Python Basics and reference documentations
    3. Game On: Web Scraping basics
    4. Level 1: Find the Top 15 Most Popular Movies in 2020
    5. Level 2: Find the Best-selling Toothpaste Products on Amazon
    6. Level 3: Hunt for glasses frames similar to a given sample
    7. Level 4: Analyze the Job Descriptions from LinkedIn
    8. Level 5: Identify Spider-Man T-Shirt with Fast.ai
    9. Level 6: Deep dive into global jobs indicator
    10. Level 7: Style Transfer


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