CareerTu x Customized Socks from My Face Socks

CareerTu x Customized Socks from My Face Socks

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At MyFaceSocks, we put the unique and fun in socks. With us, you don't go unnoticed.

Here, we believe that socks are always there for you. Whether you're parading through town, accepting your diploma, or even saying your vows to the love of your life - socks are always going to be there. They're also always going to be that "perfect present" for that "perfect someone".

Whether you've captured a memorable moment, your friend's hilarious face, or a snap of your beloved dog - we're here to bring that to life in the comfort of socks.

To us, people should know who you're rooting for. They should know who you're willing to take with you, every single step of the way.


We create our products for everyone.

We create them for the mom's who are so proud of their children, that they can't help but let the whole world know.

We create them for the dog mom and dad's who can't get enough of those irresistible puppy eyes.

We create them for the sons and daughters who worked tirelessly to pay their way through college, only to walk across the stage in style.

We create them for the newlywed couples who want their family to be there, whether they can physically be there or not.

Every pair, every design. We do it for you.


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